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Sweet Glasses and Rajma Masala

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!! I woke up this morning super early. I think it was because I went to bed at 8:30PM last night (I was exhausted, since I ran a little race yesterday morning called the Boilermaker). I was also feeling a bit sore in my right leg/outside hip area. Nothing a day of rest won’t cure. 😉  Anyway, for breakfast I had a chocolate cherry bomb in my sweet new pint glass! 🙂

We got these awesome glasses in our goody bags yesterday after the race. And I swear, the shake tasted way better in this glass than usual! In my cherry bomb: 1/2 cup of Almond Breeze, 1 handful of frozen organic cherries, 1/2 scoop of chocolate rice protein powder and 1/2 tsp of maca powder.

Along with my shake I had a slice of toast with raspberry creamed honey and almond butter.

It was pretty tasty. My eating schedule got a little screwed up today because I had to leave work before my lunch break for an appointment that lasted quite a while, so before I left I had a peach Chobani and some juicy watermelon!

After my appointment I snacked on a Clif Z Bar (sooo good! I like them better than Luna Bars now!) and an apple, and then headed to the grocery store to pick up some things for the week.

When I got home I tried something new for late lunch/early dinner. Microwavable Indian food! Someone from work gave me this to try out, since he and I had a conversation about packaged Indian food and he said it was really good. So I decided to try it tonight.

I put the Rajma Masala in a bowl and heated it up in the microwave for two minutes. I liked that it’s 100% natural with no preservatives, it was vegetarian, and only 130 calories per serving. But there are two servings in a package. I ended up eating it all because it wasn’t that much. The sodium content was a bit higher than I’d like though. Sorry, but there wasn’t any real way to make red beans curry look pretty. 😦 It tasted really good though! It was really spicy and had me wanting Naan so bad!

For dessert, I finally opened up the Chocolove Chocolate I got at the co-op a few weeks ago! I pretty much love all flavors and types of chocolate, but I think Chocolove might be my favorite, since the packages are so adorable.

I am surely in love with chocolate. Xoxoxo. 😀 Now, do I exercise tonight? Walk on the treadmill or do some yoga? Hmm.



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Bring on the Boilermaker

Okay, I guess if I’m not ready by now, I won’t ever be ready! I have all of my stuff packed for Utica and made a checklist of things to bring:

  • Running top
  • Running shorts
  • Sneakers
  • Socks
  • Sportsbra
  • Headphones
  • Ipod
  • Ipod armband
  • Spibelt
  • Camera
  • Maps/Directions
  • Energy gels/bloks
  • Peanut Butter and Bagel (for breakfast)
  • Coconut water
  • Clif Z Bars (for snack)
  • Cold meds
  • Tissues
  • Camelback (I think I’m going to wear it, just to keep my tissues in it because I may have to blow my nose a million times during the race…eww.)
  • A fan (for sleeping comfortably!)

I think that may be it..besides general toiletries and such.

Breakfast this morning was a protein breakfast cookie!!!

In it was: 1/2 cup of raw oats, 1/2 mashed banana, 1/2 scoop of brown rice chocolate protein powder, 1/2 tsp of maca powder, 1 tbsp of almond butter, 2 tbsps of almond milk, and a sprinkle of chocolate chips. The flavor of the protein powder kind of took over the cookie, but other than that it was still pretty good. I need to find a better non-whey, non-soy protein powder that won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

I haven’t been too hungry lately, probably because I haven’t been exercising this week because of my cold, but for snack I had a raspberry Chobani with some chia seeds sprinkled in.

Lunch consisted of more carbs! Pancakes! Whole wheat banana, chocolate chip pecan pancakes to be exact! So good! But a little bit on the sweet side, even for me!

Dinner will probably be some cold cereal, or something light like that.

I will leave you with some funny pictures of my weirdo cat. How weird is he?

Okay, I’m off, wish me luck! 🙂


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Should You Run with a Cold?

I think I may have come down with a head cold. Not exactly sure how, but last night I started to feel a sore throat coming on, and this morning I woke up with a stuffy nose. Not fun, my friends. Especially when I have my first long distance race on Sunday.

This morning I drank lots of water, took a mulitvitamin and some vitamin C, and made a chocolate strawberry protein smoothie in a mug.

Ingredients in the smoothie: 1/2 cup of almond breeze, 1/2 scoop of chocolate rice protein, 1/2 tsp of maca powder and a handful of frozen strawberries. It still tasted a bit gritty from the rice protein, but I’m slowly getting used to it.

I also had a slice of toast with maple peanut butter, a sprinkle of chia seeds and 1/2 of a banana.

I tried staying hydrated all day, and I also drank some iced honest green tea, and made myself some iced honey lemon tea throughout the day, hoping it would help cure my cold!

Lunch wasn’t too interesting, a Morning Star Farms Chick’n Patty with reduced fat cheese on a sandwich thin with a side of strawberries.

I also had an apple, and a chocolate zucchini cupcake for dessert!

These are seriously to die for, they are so chocolately and delicious!

Anyway, I came home and still felt like crap, so I made my ultimate comfort food for dinner: pancakes! These pancakes contained 1 cup of ready made pancake mix, 1 tbsp of flaxmeal,  1 tbsps of wheat bran, and water. I also threw in a few blackberries and some chopped walnuts. I add the flax and wheat bran to healthify the pancakes!

I topped them with some blueberry sauce. Delish!

After dinner I was in the mood for something cold, like ice cream, so I finally decided to try the non-dairy dessert I got at the HWFC the other day! I got chocolate!

from google image search

This was way better than the mint flavor I tried a while ago. So good!

So, tonight I was debating on whether or not to run the three miles that my training plan calls for this week. I wasn’t feeling to0 hot when I got home, and I took about an hour nap and didn’t feel much better. I decided to nix the run and do some Namaste Yoga instead. It felt great. 🙂 But for some reason I’m still feeling guilty about not running tonight, even though I know my body needs the rest.

I did some research on the topic, and found this article. Runner’s World says that running with the common cold won’t necessarily harm your health, but you should take about 3 days off of running if you want to increase your changes of getting better. I think two rest days should help me, since I plan on running tomorrow at some point. I need to be feeling 100% better for the Boilermaker on Sunday. 🙂

To those who run, do you run when you are sick or have a cold, or do you take some time off?


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Killer Crane

I swear, I could eat the whole batch of superfood cookies that I made yesterday, they are so chewy and delicious! Ahem…anyway. I hope everyone is doing well on this Tuesday evening.

Last night after participating in a tweet up for foodbuzz, I was motivated to make a breakfast cookie to have for breakfast this morning. I also wanted to try my new protein powder. Here’s the cookie!

I threw in…

  • 3/4 cup of oats
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • 2 tbsp of unsweetened almond breeze
  • 1 tbsp of  almond butter
  • 1 tsp of chocolate rice protein powder
  • 1 sprinkle of dark  chocolate chips

It was bit too wet, probably because I usually use 1/2 cup of oats instead of 3/4 cup.

Along with my cookie, I had a chocolate protein smoothie!

It looks a bit like mud, huh? I put about a cup of almond milk into the blender, along with a handful of frozen mangoes and pineapples, 1/2 tsp of maca powder and 1 scoop of the protein powder. Apparently, 1 scoop is WAY too much, because it tasted SO gritty! I couldn’t even taste the fruit!!! It didn’t taste horrible, but I guess I just have to get used to the texture. I’m going to experiment with this powder to get it to taste just right. At least it was FILLING!

My morning snack today wasn’t too interesting…some strawberry Chobani with some chia seeds sprinkled on top. They had no flavor, but tasted like I put some poppy seeds into my yogurt.

Before I actually ate lunch I went for an easy four mile run on my lunch break. I did four miles in about 38 minutes. It was hot and I was pretty tired by the end.


  • Total distance: 4.0
  • Total time: 38:03
  • Mile 1: 9:53
  • Mile 2: 9:08
  • Mile 3: 9:18
  • Mile 4: 9:42
  • Average Pace: 9:35/mi
  • Calories Burned: 482

After my run I came back to a HUGE salad with lots of veggies!! It was quite refreshing.

I also had two of my superfood cookies!

These are not going to last very long…

So after work my friend Lyndsay and I headed to the Honest Weight Food Co-Op for some shopping!

I picked up a couple of random things…

  • Coconut water
  • Fage 2% Greek Yogurt with Cherry
  • Amy’s organic tomato bisque
  • Honest Tea “Just Green Tea”
  • So Delicious Chocolate Non Dairy Ice Cream
  • Boca Vegan Burgers
  • Organic Frozen Sweet Cherries
  • Avocado

I got the avocado because I had tons of left over cilantro and wanted to make some more guiltless guac..however..I didn’t have the white beans, so I substituted red beans and it came out looking like a mixture of green and red guacamole. Ha!

I also made a quick refried bean, mushroom and cheese quesadilla for dinner. Along with the mutlicolored guac and some peach mango salsa!

It tastes so unhealthy, but it really isn’t! The tortilla is high in fiber and low in calories (only 80 in that huge thing), the refried beans are a great source of fiber and are fat free, the cheese I used is made with 2% milk. It was a very satisfying and healthy dinner. For dessert I had some more cookies, and limited myself to only two. 🙂

I was also in the mood for more exercise tonight, so I popped in Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown, but this time I did Level 2. It was WAY much harder than Level 1! I hope I can walk tomorrow! It incorporated much more ab work! AND the dreaded CRANE POSE!!! I tried this pose last night doing some Namaste Yoga, and let me tell you…it was impossible!! I could NOT hold myself up. I think I have zero upper body strength. It looks like I have a new summer goal: complete the killer crane pose and be able to hold it for five seconds. Think I can do it?

from google image search


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Froyo Solves Everything

Ah, finally Friday. Lets rewind.

Last night I went to Alive @ Five in downtown Albany to see a free Boyz II Men concert!

It was pretty fun, but sooo crowded! It definitely brought back some memories from the 90s! My friend Ken was SO excited to see Boyz II Men! We had fun singing along with “Water Runs Dry”, my favorite!

My sister also came too!

I had packed a dinner yesterday morning specifically for Alive @ Five, since I knew they would have zero healthy food choices there! I made a simple PBJ…perfect for on the go and I munched on that before Boyz II Men came on! I didn’t take any pictures of it though…since I’m pretty sure you all know what a PBJ looks like. 😉 I also brought a plum and a luna bar!

But anyway, my favorite part of the concert were the ROSES!

It was fun. Courtney also had a nice re-cap of the concert!

I didn’t get home last night until about 8:30. I relaxed for a bit and then decided to do some more Yoga Meltdown. I felt really great after that!

Now, back to today.

This morning for breakfast I had some Kashi H2H with some Almond Breeze and a sliced banana.

It was pretty filling, since I started to drink a few glasses of water in the morning when I get up. It helps!

Morning snack was peach Chobani! How I’ve missed it!

On my lunch break today I had planned on doing a 4 mile run. That didn’t happen! 😦 I went to get changed and I realized I forgot my sportsbra. The most important thing!! I was so angry at myself!!! I decided to go for a walk up to the Empire State Plaza Farmer’s Market instead! I got myself a pint of strawberries! I’ve been dying to buy local strawberries this season and I finally got my hands on some!

So juicy and delicious! I love strawberries. They are my favorite fruit.

I also got a bunch of arugula for $1.50!

Since I was still mad at myself about the run, and I was hungry, I got a vanilla bean frozen yogurt at the FroYo stand! 🙂 It was delicious! But I totally forgot to take a picture of it until after I devoured it.  Let’s pretend it looked like this, but topped with crushed Reeses Pieces. After eating this I felt better. Froyo solves everything.

I suppose I can just run later tonight.

I came back from the Farmer’s Market and made my real lunch, a Morning Star Farms chick’n patty with reduced fat American cheese on a sandwich thin. I also threw on some fresh arugula.

A pretty decent lunch if I do say so myself. Okay, I’m off! Happy Friday!


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The Six Mile Run That Wasn’t

Morning everyone. It’s finally Thursday! Hurray! I was not in the mood to blog last night so I will update you all this morning on what has been going on!

Yesterday I had oats for breakfast, but I was too lazy to take a picture of them. I think I mixed in a mashed banana and some oat bran with some dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. It is such a tasty combo! Yum

Anyway, at work for snack I tried yet another kind of greek yogurt. Stonyfield Organic Oikos 0% fat! Opinion: not better than Chobani. Pros: only 90 calories a cup; cons: smaller serving size. It was okay, since there was no Chobani to be found in the store.

Lunch was a standard PBJ. Or should I say ABJ…I used almond butter instead of peanut butter! So yummy. The jam I used was my Aunt’s strawberry rhubarb jam.  😀

Pretty boring, but tasty. I also had some fruit to go alone with it, as well as a Nature Valley granola bar.

So after work I had a six mile tempo run planned, according to my training schedule. I was planning on going to Chris’ to run the first three miles and then meet up with him for the last three. I ended up running 3.65 in about 35? minutes (I forgot to upload my Garmin info) and I felt really good! Instead of running two laps around the park, I ran down past my old college and around the Pine Hills neighborhood where I used to live. It was kind of an eerie feeling to be running around that neighborhood, where I lived for so long. I think of that time as my past life…where I made so many unhealthy choices about food and not exercising at all. I can’t believe I used to live like that! Needless to say it was bit weird to run by my old apartment. I actually felt really good about myself and how much I’ve changed for the better.

So I met up with Chris to run the last three miles..and about a half mile into that, I started to feel goosebumpy. It was so weird because it was SO hot and humid out, probably about 85 degrees or more. I couldn’t explain why and neither could Chris..so we kept running and I took a couple of walking breaks. After a mile, I started feeling like it was hard to breathe, like I couldn’t get enough air in…and I started freaking out! This has never happened to me on a run before! I can’t really explain what happened! It was so weird. So we ended up cutting our run short and went for a walk around the park so I could cool down.  So I counted five miles in 53 minutes on my Garmin, which isn’t too bad considering I walked the last quarter mile. But I can’t help but feeling like I’ve let myself down, especially if I don’t complete the miles I want to that day. I have to keep telling myself that no matter what I do, it is good enough! I know that in reality it is. It’s just hard sometimes to keep telling myself that.

Anyway, I searched Runner’s World for some information on getting goosebumps while running, and I found this article, that almost explains it. I know for a fact I didn’t drink enough water yesterday, so that might have been a contributing factor. So Chris also gave me some advice and said I should drink more water as soon as I get up in the morning, because your body needs hydration ASAP after sleeping.

So after all of that, I went home and made a quesadilla for dinner. I got some vegetarian refried beans at the store other day so I could make some! I used a high fiber tortilla, filled it with refried beans, corn and cheese and grilled it on the stove. It came out really good, but a little bit messy! I also topped it with some of my favorite peach mango salsa. It was so satisfying!

So I followed Chris’ advice about the water I drank a couple of glasses this morning before eating breakfast. It not only helps keep me hydrated, but I actually feel more full after eating my breakfast! It was great. I suppose it helps to drink before I eat, rather than after.

Breakfast was another scrambled egg wrap with peach mango salsa. Here’s the photo from last time since it looked pretty much the same. Except I used goat cheese instead of shredded.

Sooo good. I love these. I will be making more of them on the mornings when I have enough time like I did this morning. 🙂

So now I’m actually still full from breakfast! Can you believe it? I think it was the water I drank. Awesome!

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Tuesday Eats

Hola! Its time for today’s food post! I’m going to try to make it short and sweet!

This morning for breakfast I decided to get a little creative! I microwaved a scrambled egg and put it in a high fiber 80 calorie tortilla with a sprinkle of shredded cheese and some peach mango salsa to make a delicious breakfast wrap. It was so good!

It was quick and easy, just how I like it!

Lunch wasn’t too interesting…I actually forgot to take pictures. Although I did have a Brown Cow yogurt for morning snack.

The more I think about it, the more I actually like Chobani the best. Brown Cow is really good, but I think Chobani is thicker and more creamy.

Anyway, lunch was a Morning Star Farms chick’n patty with reduced fat american cheese on a sandwich thin with some grapes, a nectarine, and a Nature Valley Oats & Chocolate granola bar! I think this flavor might be my new favorite. The taste reminded me of chocolate Teddy Grahams for some reason! Yummy.

After work, Chris and I went for an easy 3.25 mile run around the park. It was nice. I thought it was going to start storming, but the sprinkles died off and the sun came out for a little while! I didn’t wear my Garmin because I thought it might start to pour any minute, but my guess is that it took us around 30 minutes.

After my run I went home for dinner and made pasta! I’ve been craving pasta for a while!

This is the kind we had in the house. It was pretty good. I’m not sure if I like the taste of wheat pasta better or not!

I topped my pasta with the roasted veggie bruchetta that I got at the Local Food Festival on Sunday. This bruchetta is delicious! The ingredients: Eggplant, yellow squash, and zucchini. My favorites! 😀

I also had a small salad with hummus.

The pasta and salad were very satisfying, as I was starving when I got home! It really hit the spot.

Dessert was the best ice cream ever!

Edy’s 1/2 fat light s’mores ice cream. I love Edy’s. They have the best light ice cream. It doesn’t even taste light to me! I love the s’mores because there are little marshmallows and pieces of graham crackers in it. Sooo good. 😀

Anyway, that’s it for today’s eats. I have a six mile run planned for tomorrow evening. I just have to decide where I want to run. We’ll see!


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