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2010 Boilermaker 15K

Wow, I’m finally home, showered, and extremely exhausted! But I feel amazing. πŸ™‚

Today I accomplished one of the greatest things in my life…running in and completing my first 15K road race! The Utica Boilermaker! As of today, 9.3 (9.5?) miles is officially the furthest distance I’ve run at one time. And I’m so proud of myself and how far I’ve come. Less than two years ago I was overweight and out of shape and never would have in a million years thought I would be running in a 9.3 mile race. This just goes to show that you can do anything, if you put your mind to it. I’m living proof.

The morning started out early, and I mean early. I got up at three am to drive to Utica with Chris, since packet pickup started at 6am and it takes almost 2 hours to get to Utica from Albany. So, we were up at the crack of dawn (way before dawn, actually) and took the roadtrip to Utica.

I ate breakfast in the car on the way at about 4AM…a bagel thin with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and Chia seeds sprinkled on top…but this didn’t really hold me over for very long. After stopping at a Dunkin Donuts for some coffee and iced tea, we went to the packet pick up to get our bibs. We ended up parking at the start line since roads were closing at 6AM, so we wouldn’t be able to drive to the finish, which turned out okay.

I got my gear ready at the car and then headed to hang out at the starting area and ate a Clif Z Bar since I was starving!

Chris is making his cute debu on my blog!

After waiting around with the other 13,000 runners, eventually we made it to the start line at 8AM.

We actually didn’tΒ  even get to line up on the road; we were stuck on the grass and didn’t even start running until 10 minutes after gun went off! Thank god for my Garmin. πŸ˜‰

Until we started running I was kind of in denial that I would be running over 9 miles on this lovely morning. I ran pretty slow to start, because I didn’t want to burn up all my energy, and I knew I would be needing it in those last few miles. My goal for the race was to finish, even if I had to walk, because I feared I might be a little bit weak due to the cold I had this week. I also didn’t know how not running this past week would affect the race.

I felt pretty good the first four miles, and the crowd was awesome! I’ve never ran such a fun race! There was so much support and music! After mile four, the hills came, and that’s what killed me! But I made it. I was just running in the zone for most of the time, glancing at my watch now and then and talking to Chris so I could make it through!

I also stopped at most of the water stops and walked through them after mile five, just to sort of re-charge so I could keep running. At times I felt like stopping to walk, but I pushed through! It was so hard!

9.3 miles and 1 hour and 39 minutes later, Chris and I crossed the finish line, holding hands! He had pulled me along at the end of the race and if it wasn’t for him I probably would have started walking. πŸ™‚

Official Race Stats
Place – 8,714 out of 11,524
Chip Time – 1:39:00
Pace – 10:38
Place in age group – 645 out of 932

Garmin Stats
Total Distance – 9.5 miles
Total Elapsed Time – 1:39:18
Average Pace – 10:27
Average Speed – 5.7 mph
Calories Burned – 1,126

Mile 1 – 10:44
Mile 2 – 10:30
Mile 3 – 10:25
Mile 4 – 11:27 <–Hill of death
Mile 5 – 9:10 <–Downhill with a gorgeous view!
Mile 6 – 9:55 <– More downhill
Mile 7 – 10:56 <–Starting to feel the pain
Mile 8 – 10:20 <–Pushing thru the pain
Mile 9 – 10:58 <–dying
Mile 9.5 – 4:42

After finishing, we found water, and some orange slices and Chris and I shared a coconut water that I had been carrying in my Camelback.

After resting in the grass for a few minutes and stretching my legs, which were in a lot of pain by the way, we made our way to the post-race party at the Saranac Brewery. There were so many people, it was pretty hard to navigate our way around. We did find our way to the beer table though! The Boilermaker is not complete with out Saranac! πŸ™‚

Chris drank the beer, but I didn’t have any, since I don’t thinkΒ  I could stomach it after running for so long! What a trooper. πŸ™‚

We ditched the post-race party after getting the beer and headed to the shuttles to get the bus back to the parking lot. The buses came really quick, which I was pretty happy about.

On the way back I munched on the fruit salad we got for free, and also drank some Poweraid.

We also made a pit stop to Starbucks on the way back, where I got a refreshing iced green tea! Mmm!

We got back to Albany in time to get lunch and watch the World Cup! I was having a serious craving for pizza, so I got a couple of slices at SoHo. πŸ™‚ Tomato, spinach and ricotta and Veggie!

I ate all but the crust on the first piece, and about 3/4 of the second piece. Such a satisfying lunch after a long but satisfying morning. πŸ™‚

Well, I have a huge blister on my left foot, aching legs, and I’m about to fall asleep at my laptop, but I can safely say I accomplished something big today. My first 15K! πŸ™‚



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Fourth of July 2010 – Part 2: Firecracker 4

After Saturday’s pig roast, Sunday Chris and I were all set to run in the Firecracker 4, a four mile race in Saratoga Springs. So far, this race has been my longest! I ran the Workforce Team Challenge back in May, which was 3.5 miles. I was thinking that four miles would be a breeze. πŸ™‚

After picking up our packets and bringing them back to the car, we headed to where the start line was, right on one of the main roads in Saratoga. There were so many people running this race!

I thought it was kind of funny that there were even mascots running this race! It was really hot out too, so they must have been dying in those costumes! There was a gorilla, a deer, a bear, and a dog.

At 8:00AM the race was set to start! My goal for this race: to have fun! There were also supposed to be bands set up throughout the course, which is always awesome. I wasn’t too worried about being fast for this race, I just wanted to have a good time. I even got out my camera and tried to take some photos of the course.

It’s a bit blurry, but it’s rather hard to take decent pictures while running. πŸ˜‰ This was at the very beginning, right before the first hill.

Eventually I caught up to the bear! I can’t believe he was running faster than me in that costume! It must have been wicked.

The course ran through a residential area of Saratoga, and there were lots of people cheering on the side of the streets. One guy even had his hose out for a misting station!

I felt really good throughout the entire run. I didn’t really push myself until about the last mile. Right before the end there was another hill, and I just forced myself to run up it really fast. Chris went ahead of me after mile three.

Soon the finish line was upon me! It came up really quick! According to my Garmin, I finished in 37 minutes and 59 seconds!

Chris came in ahead of me in 36 minutes! πŸ™‚

My official race time: 38 minutes and 17 seconds
Place: 808 out of 1,344

Garmin Stats:
Total distance: 4.09 miles
Total Elapsed Time: 37 minutes and 59 seconds
Average Pace: 9:17
Average Speed: 6.5 mph
Calories Burned: 483

Negative Splits!
Mile 1: 9:58
Mile 2: 9:29
Mile 3: 8:58
Mile 4: 8:54
Mile .09: 39 seconds

After cooling down and drinking about two bottles of ice cold water, I re-fueled with an orange slice and half of a bagel smeared with peanut butter! Mmm.

Chris and I changed out of our sweaty shirts back at the car and then walked around Saratoga for a little bit! I love Saratoga, it’s such a nice place with so many nice restaurants and shops.

We stopped to check out Four Seasons Natural Foods to see what they had. It was pretty much just like a mini co-op. I ended up getting some more coconut water and a frozen fruit bar to snack on while we walked around!

Before we left Saratoga, we stopped at the Putnam Market so I could get a salad for lunch to go.

I ordered the Chevre, Roasted Red Peppers, & Pine Nuts on Mixed Greens , but they didn’t have pine nuts, so I had them put on walnuts instead.

When we got back to Albany, we stopped at Moe’s so Chris could get a burrito for lunch. He ate his burrito and I had my salad!

The salad was really good, but definitely not worth the $9.00 price tag. There should have been way more veggies in it for that price!

Anyway, right next door to Moe’s is my favorite ice cream place, Emack & Bolios. Since it was the Fourth of July after all, I had to go in and get some frozen yogurt! I ordered the low fat black raspberry chip! Yum! You really cannot go wrong with Emack & Bolios.

After lunch we headed back to Chris’ place and just had a relaxing day, watching movies and hanging out. For dinner, we were both craving pizza! Chris had been wanting to try Pizzeria Inferno, so we decided to order the California Classic. It had tons of veggies, including: tomatoes, spinach, red peppers, artichokes, red onions, and basil.

This was the best pizza I’ve had in a while! It was so flavorful and had tons of delicious veggies on it. I’m craving it right now!

But the Fourth of July isn’t complete without fireworks. Since we were in Albany we had the perfect view of the Empire State Plaza fireworks show!

The fireworks were an awesome ending to a fantastic Fourth of July Weekend. I couldn’t ask for more! πŸ˜€

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Run for Pride 5K

Good morning! This morning I got up bright an early to head into Washington Park to register for the Run for Pride 5k! It is pride week in the Capital Region, and they have a 5K that Chris and I decided to run together. It was our first race that we’ve run together so far! But before I get into that, lets rewind to breakfast.

I got up at around 7:30 and had a bagel thin with some Justin’s Almond Butter. It came from one of those cute portable squeeze packs!

I also topped one side with half a banana and some blueberry jam.

I think this may be my go-to pre-race breakfast from now on, since I haven’t been having any problems with it! πŸ™‚

Chris and I then headed to the park to register for the race, since we didn’t pre-register. We had no idea what the course would look like or how many people would be running in it. It turns out it was only 2 loops inside the park and only 100 or so people were running. It was the smallest race I’ve ever ran!

We went to the starting line at 9:00 am sharp! Since it was the Pride 5K, the startΒ  was a cute rainbow arch!

There was rain in the forecast for this morning, and the skies were looking pretty gloomy, so we were hoping the rain would hold off…it did…until about half way through the run! It wasn’t too bad though. I had never run in the rain before! It kind of felt good! I started out pretty fast. Chris and I ran about a mile together and then I had to slow down some since I could feel myself burning out. So he ran ahead and I stayed little bit back at a 9:00/mile. Eventually I started running faster and kept my pace at about 8:30. I had pushed my Garmin’s start button right as I crossed the starting line, and pushed stop right as I crossed the finish line and the total distance came to 3.07! I finished in 26:10. But it wasn’t a complete 5K, so I don’t know whether to count this as a PR? It was the fastest I’ve ran in a race, and if I kept going until 3.1 I probably would have still came in under 27 minutes. So I’m not sure about that. I think the course must have been off? Chris finished way ahead of me in 24 minutes..which was so awesome! t was his first 5K!! (But not his first race, he has run a half marathon!) At the end we were wet from the rain and tired but it was fun to run together! πŸ˜€

Garmin Stats:

  • Total Distance: 3.07
  • Time: 26 minutes and 10 seconds
  • Average Pace: 8:31/mile
  • Average Speed: 8.7 mph
  • Calories Burned: 364


  • Mile 1 – 8:22
  • Mile 2 – 8:41
  • Mile 3 – 8:35
  • Mile .07 – :33

Our reward for running the 5K was pancakes! When Chris was in Vermont he got me some pancake mix so I made us some blueberry pecan flax pancakes!

I just threw some flaxmeal into the dry mix and then added water, blueberries and chopped pecans!

They came out great! We actually cooked them in a wok since we didn’t have a flat pan, but they still tasted wonderful. I topped mine with more blueberries and some jam. πŸ™‚ The pecans gave them a nice crunch too. We each had two pancakes.

Well, tonight I’m going out to dinner with my cousin that I haven’t seen in a couple weeks so I’m pretty excited about that! We’ll probably end up going somewhere around Lark Street…decisions, decisions. I see some wine and Crisan in my near future. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

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2010 Freihofer’s Run for Women

Good morning everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was SUPER busy! So I finally have a chance to get to bloggin’. Yes! This weekend I had a 5K and a concert at SPAC to go to, so it was was really fun! Lets start out with Friday.

Friday I wanted to have a low key evening since I was running the Freihofer’s in the morning. I had dinner with Chris and we had my pasta salad (he loved it), and some Veggie Dogs, so that was good! I didn’t take any photos because I was pretty much just being lazy. But I also had one two many glasses of CarmΓ©nΓ¨re and some chocolate and coconut gelato from Crisan (it tasted just like a Mounds, amazing!) and some food from a couple of First Friday events…so I probably consumed too many calories on Friday night. I just think of it as Fuel. πŸ˜‰

Saturday I had to get up early to get some breakfast before the race. I had a whole wheat bagel thin with peanut butter and some cherries. Not too heavy, so it was just right. Then we headed down to the race!

This was my second time running in the Freihofer’s. My first time was last year and it was also my very first 5K ever!

I love this race because it’s only for women and it makes me feel very empowered to be running along side so many other strong ladies!! My younger cousins were also running and so was my good friend Marcie.

We hung out and socialized for a while and I didn’t even do much warming up…blah. But then it was time to head to the start! Chris was in charge of my camera so he got some cool shots of the starting line! A over 3500 women were running today, along with some Olympic elites!

I'm in here somewhere!

The course is kind of similar to the Workforce Team Challenge, but its shorter, since this is a 5K and the Workforce Challenge is a 3.5 mile race. It takes you up Madison Avenue and through Washington Park. I love that the hill up Madison is first because you get it over with in the beginning! πŸ™‚

It was kind of hard to run through all these people, and I actually passed a lot of them! I started out pretty strong but wanted to conserve some energy for the end, since I remember how dead I felt at the end of the Workforce Challenge. I think my tactic worked! I felt pretty good throughout the whole thing! The end was pretty brutal since I picked it up for the last mile and booked it from Lark Street down. It was SUCH a good feeling to finish strong! I even felt a little nauseous from the humidity. 😦 It was so hot and humid.

Chris got this awesome shot of me running toward the finish line!! We decided that I look like a real runner!

Let me just say how much I love having my Garmin during races. Since usually its hard to start running right away in the beginning of the race because there are so many people, I start my watch as soon as I start running. It works pretty well, since it usually matches the course perfect. According to my Garmin, I crossed the finish line in 27 minutes and 18 seconds. πŸ™‚ The exact same time as my SPAC Rock & Run time. How’s that for consistency?!

Here are my Garmin Stats:
Total Distance: 3.16 miles
Elasped Time: 27:18:68
Average Pace: 8:38/mile
Average Speed: 6.9 mph
Calories Burned: 372

Mile 1: 9:17
Mile 2:Β  8:46
Mile 3: 8:21
Mile .16: 0:52

I’m so glad I finished this race strong! But after going down the hill at the end I felt like I ran out of gas! But I kept going.

Here are my official stats from the Freihofer’s results page:
Place: 730 out of 3,521
Div/Total: 94/403 (I think this might be results for my age group? I’m not sure.)
Nettime: 27:26
Pace: 8:50
Time: 27:52.1

Obviously, these don’t match up with Garmin, so I’m going with my Garmin stats.Β πŸ™‚

After the race I was so hot..I watched some people cross the finish line and saw Marcie go running by! Go Marcie! She finished in 34 minutes! She did awesome! She came and met up with us and we were both dying.

But inside, we felt great. πŸ™‚

After the race, Amanda spotted me! It was so cool to meet a fellow blogger! She was really sweet! And she did a great job in the race as well! Go Amanda!!!

So after I met up with everyone and congratulated them we went over to the refreshment booth and I grabbed an apple and a mini donut. The apple was really good, the donut, not so much!!!

So I had to head home after the race to get ready to go see Dave Matthews Band at SPAC! I also proceeded to eat about 10 of the Freihofer’s cookies I got for free for running the race. Oh well…what can you do?! πŸ™‚


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First Annual SPAC Rock & Run 5K

Well, I have another 5K under my belt! My fourth race total and my third 5K! Today’s 5K was held at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, which is part of the Saratoga State Park and it is really gorgeous! To get ready for this race I made a small dinner last night, a roasted red pepper, arugula and herb goat cheese sandwich. It was pretty tasty. I think arugula is my new favorite leafy green! πŸ™‚ I used my arugula and goat cheese that came from the Troy Farmer’s Market!

I had to pre-make my breakfast this morning, so last night I made a breakfast cookie and put it in a handy tupperware container so it was easily transportable. I ate it on the car on the way up to SPAC with Marcie!

Into my breakfast cookie went

  • 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats
  • 1/2 a mashed banana
  • 1 tbsp of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter
  • 2 tbsps of light soy milk

It was chocolatey and delicious. A perfect pre-race breakfast!! Marcie and I headed up to SPAC at around 8:00. It was early and the race didn’t start until 10:30, but we wanted time to get our packets and t-shirts and check everything out. We relaxed and stretched a little bit and did a couple of short quick jogs around the park. Eventually my sister, Sue, Sue’s cousin, and Brendan got there and we all met up! My sister wasn’t running in the race so she took my pictures!

pre-race photo op!

So we hung around for a little bit. Sue’s mom’s band, The Accents, were scheduled to play at the main stage for the 5K, which was pretty cool! They are an awesome cover band.

The thing I liked about this race was that it was less crowded than the Workforce Challenge! There were still over 800 people running in it, which is really awesome for a first time event! But less people = an easier run and no finish line crowd freakouts!

runners waiting in line for packets

I’ve never ran around SPAC’s grounds before, so running this was really awesome! It was so pretty and green, and the sun was shining! It was starting to get warm, but thankfully it was still morning so the temperature was just right! I started out pretty fast at like a 7:30 pace, and I got kind of tired mid race. I actually sprinted at the end this time and I came in at 27:17, my best time running 3.1 miles, ever! I have a new PR to beat!

My garmin stats:

  • Total: 3.12 miles
  • Time: 27:07
  • Average Pace: 8:45
  • Average Speed: 6.9
  • Maximum Speed: 9.1
  • Calories Burned: 369

I have one complaint about this race though. There was only one water station and no water at the finish line. What were these people thinking? I saw people struggling at the finish line yelling for water! It was pretty brutal. But I made my way over to the refreshment tent, I got a bottle of water, an apple and a cinnamon bun and wolfed it down. I got to see one of my friends finish the race! πŸ™‚ Marcie came in at 33 minutes, her best 5K time, and this was only her second 5K! Brendan and Sue both finished before me. Brendan came in at 23 minutes and Sue came in at 22 minutes. Congrats everyone, you all did great and I’m so glad we were here running together, even though we all ran at our own paces. It was still fun. πŸ™‚

We all did awesome!!! I need to convince my sister to sign up for her first 5K…maybe the Freihofer’s? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I have some good news! Most of you know I lost my old blog, but today I recovered some old posts!! Marcie told me about google’s cache pages, which are snapshots of websites taken in the past. She said I had a couple of old blog posts up! I went on searched and I found some! I back dated them and they are now all available for your viewing pleasure! Here are the links to the ones I could save:

Now I’m off to relax…and think of something creative to make for dinner. πŸ™‚ My next race: the Freihofer’s Run for Women in two weeks! How am I going to beat 27 minutes and 17 seconds?!


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2010 CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge

It finally came and went! My first race of 2010! And my first time running the 3.5 mile CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge. At 4:45 I went and changed into my running clothes and then packed up my things and headed out to my car to drop them off. I found some of my team members and walked up to the meeting spot with them! They were really nice. I thought it was interesting that I really didn’t know anyone on my team and I was one of the youngest members! I found out a couple of ladies on my team had just ran a 200 mile relay a few days ago, or something crazy like that! WOW.

Our meeting time was 5:30 on the museum steps. There were THOUSANDS of people participating in the race. It was definitely the biggest race I’ve ever ran in. There were over 8,000 people running! It was insane!! There were over 500 teams!

I waited with my team a while and then my mom joined me! She came to support me since I was feeling a bit down about having nobody waiting at the end for me (not counting my team). Official race start was at 6:25 and I was feeling a bit jittery. I was really ready to start running.

At about 6:15 we were called down to the starting line and I lined up at the 9:00 or faster spot. People were everywhere and it was SO crowded. I was getting pretty antsy. At 6:25 on the dot the horn went off and all of the fast runners in the front took off up the Madison Ave hill. I didn’t get to start running for a couple minutes since there were so many people ahead of me. But I started my Garmin as soon as I started running! Running up that hill was a breeze, but it was just annoying with walkers in front of me. I’m glad the hill was first and not at the end. πŸ™‚

I really enjoyed this course, but one thing I would have changed would have been to add more water stations! I think there were only two throughout the race and one at the end. I could have used more water since it was really hot out. I was definitely feeling the heat. I was kind of fighting the urge to walk which was unusual for me, but I think it was only because of the heat. It was probably 85 degrees. I was feeling pretty good after the second water stop, and it was only about a mile and a half left after that. By the last .25 mile, I was running about a 7:30ish pace according to my Garmin, and it was downhill, so that was a plus. πŸ™‚ I probably could have pushed harder at the end but I was afraid of passing out because of the heat!

I came in at the finish line at exactly 34: 30, but my Garmin said 33:30. I was told to go with the Garmin’s time. πŸ™‚ I was pretty satisfied with my time. I was pretty tired, and I got stuck at the very end of the course with no way out and it really got to me. It happened to me during the Freihofer’s last year…I started to feel panicky because I couldn’t get out of the crowd quick enough. Not a nice feeling! I guess I just don’t like being crammed in a small space with thousands of sweaty strangers. Eek.

Eventually I got out and met up with my mom and I got my refreshment tote! I chugged a bottle of water and ate some peanut butter crackers. It was so hot!

I’m really glad I signed up for this race! I orginally wasn’t going to, since I was already signed up for a 5K on the 23rd, but I figured, why the heck not? It was pretty fun, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had a running partner, or at least some friends on my team. At least now I know who the runners are at my work, and I will know them for when I run next year. πŸ™‚

I knew I had to eat something when I got home, even though I wasn’t that hungry. (Running makes me lose my appetite sometimes.) I made a quick egg-in-a-mug on an English muffin with laughing cow light cheese. I love making these because they are so quick and easy!

I also had a couple scoops of Edie’s 1/2 the fat light chocolate fudge ice cream for dessert. Yum. I’m feeling pretty good now. I just have to be re-energized by Sunday to run another 5K, the SPAC Rock & Run! πŸ™‚

Here are my Garmin stats:

  • Total miles: 3.56
  • Time: 33 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Average pace: 9:24/mile
  • Average speed: 6.4 mph
  • Maximum speed: 16.3 mph (is this for real?)
  • Calories Burned: 429

Well, that’s it for my first ever blog race re-cap. Hope you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚


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