My Story

My name is Jen and I’m 25 years old. Within the past two years I decided to drastically change my lifestyle. After gaining weight during and after college, I was overweight and unhappy. Something clicked in my head and got me to change my way of thinking. I give some credit to reading this book. I didn’t follow every rule in here (they say to become vegan, but I don’t think I could do that), but I have given up beef and pork completely.  I completely changed my diet and I began to exercise almost daily, and started running. I went from barely being able to complete one lap at a high school track, to finishing a bunch of 5Ks. I’m also in the processes of training for a  15K this summer and half-marathon on October 10, 2010. Words cannot express how changing my life has made me feel. I’ve lost over 85 pounds, and now my goal is to keep it off by making wise food choices and exercising regularly.


7 responses to “My Story

  1. Hey Jen! It’s so awesome to find someone local!! Congrats on your lifestyle change, and props to you on all the races! 🙂

  2. Sarah McKinney

    hey girl!
    First off, you are amazing! Secondly, I have been racing since last summer and recently signed up to run my first half marathon this fall. I have lost 25 lbs. in the last year and want to keep it off. I have always loved working out, but running is a new found love. My asthma can be a bitch to work with, but that what drugs are for haha. I have a whole work out routine set up for myself this summer, but now I need to work on a diet so that I can keep up the carbs and energy that I need to train. My main question is, where did you find those cliff electrolyte blocks? Those are an amazing idea!

    • Jen

      Thank you so much!! Which half are you going to be running? I have my sights on the mohawk hudson half marathon but I haven’t registered yet.
      Congrats on the weight loss! I’ve been having issues with maintaining my weight loss and training so much …I’ve heard you gain like 5 lbs while training for long races. Its not a big deal but kind of worries me because running so much makes me hungry all the time and I want to eat everything in sight!!!
      Anyway, I found the Clif Bloks at Hannaford in Delmar. Do you go to St Rose? I graduated from there in 2007 🙂

      • Sarah McKinney

        I am running the Oak Tree Half Marathon out in Geneseo on September 5th. One of my best friends goes to school out there, so it’ll be a fun weekend away! And congrats to you on the weight loss as well! You look fab!
        It’s good to know about the 5 lbs. I ran 4 miles last night and was starvinggg when I got home haha. My mom has the book Skinny Bitch, so I think I might give it a read. 🙂
        Yes, I go to St. Rose! I’m a transfer student, so I’ll never graduate haha but I’m going for Art Ed. 🙂 I love it there. What did you study?

      • Jen

        I loved it there too! I was a communications major and took a lot of journalism and tv production classes. I miss it so much!!

  3. So cool that you are so local to me. I live just over the border in the Berkshires.

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