A Picnic and some Chipotle

Well, today was my work picnic! I’ve only gone to one picnic since I began working at my Department, and that was two years ago. I missed last year because it was the same day as the DMB concert, so I decided to go to this year’s picnic.

I knew not to expect much from the food at this place because it didn’t have that great of a reputation, and as suspected, it wasn’t great. They had hot dogs, hamburgers, raw clams, wings and ribs, all of which I don’t eat. However, a veggie burger saved my day!

Although I wish I knew what was in it. I could see rice, and possibly beans. Who knows?! I threw on some ketchup, mustard and relish and it was somewhat tolerable. I also had a few small bites of some nasty pasta salad, and some okay tossed salad. But overall, the meal was pretty depressing.

One thing that was cool about the picnic was that it was supposed to be a zer0-waste event, meaning we were told to bring our own plates and silverware! And we composted the leftovers, including paper plates and napkins.

There was also a dish washing station where we could wash our dishes!

After my picnic, I promised Chris I would pick up him his favorite burrito at Chipotle!

I have never had Chipotle before, so I was interested in trying it to see what the big deal was. I got Chris a carnitas burrito and myself a fajita bowl! I got the bowl because I was trying to pick a healthier choice, and I knew it would probably be less calories than a burrito or tacos. In my bowl: cilantro-lime rice, fajita vegetables, vegetarian black beans, mild tomato salsa, a small bit of cheese, lettuce, and some guacamole.

Overall opinion: tasty! It would make an incredible burrito!! No wonder Chris likes them so much! :-D. I only ate a little more than half the bowl and Chris ate my leftovers. It was so good, and they give you so much food! The thing I like about this restaurant is it seems to care about the food they put in their menu items. They use simple and fresh ingredients. I like that.

Well, I should get to bed early tonight since I’m planning on doing my long run tomorrow, since I have a crazy weekend planned. Good night!


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