Bash Bish Falls

Yesterday after my 8 mile run, I came home and my sister told me she wanted to go hiking. I was totally up for it, since I love the outdoors and I need more hiking trips in my life. She did some research and wanted to check out Bash Bish Falls in Mount Washington, Massachusetts. The hike to the falls is only a half mile out and back, so a one mile easy hike seemed totally doable, even after using up most of my energy during my earlier run.

It only took about an hour to get there. It is interesting because the hike starts out in Copake Falls in Taconic State Park (which is in New York State) and on the trail you cross into Mass! It’s pretty awesome.

My sister and I also discovered that this park has cabins for camping right across the creek! It was so cool, I would love to camp there sometime! Seeing the cabins made me miss camping.

Eventually we ended up at the falls! It was gorgeous!

There were actually people swimming in the water under the falls, even though there were signs posted all over the place that said swimming was prohibited. A couple of young guys even  JUMPED from the top into the water. They were CRAZY!

It was such a lovely day. It was pretty hot and humid though, so a swim would have been really nice. Too bad we didn’t bring our bathing suits!

The trail was an easy hike. There were people walking it in flip flops! I felt over-prepared with my hiking boots and camelback. 🙂 I did enjoy wearing my new boots though! They were comfy for the short hike.

We spent about an hour total walking to and from the falls. It was nice to spend some time with my sister!

As soon as we got into the car and drove out of the parking lot, it started sprinkling. We timed that hike perfect. It then started to lightning and thunder and we were driving through a downpour! We could hardly see out the window to drive down the narrow dirt roads. Thank God for GPS! We ended up pulling over near a General Store to wait out the downpour.

Imaging if were still on the trail during that? Eeek.

Eventually it cleared out and we headed home. It sure was an adventure!

I came home, exhausted, sweaty, and starving. I wanted to keep dinner simple and healthy. I toasted a sandwich thin and threw some roasted veggie bruschetta and shredded cheese on it. It was sooo delicious and satisfying. For dessert I had some of my mom’s five cup salad and some Edy’s light ice cream. Yum!



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4 responses to “Bash Bish Falls

  1. I may have to check out those falls. They look beautiful! Do you hike much? My boyfriend and I are planning to start hiking in the Adirondacks. I’d love to be a 46er someday!

    • Jen

      I go hiking every once in a while! You should try the Sleeping Beauty hike, it’s right outside of Lake George and it’s awesome! I did it in the fall a couple of years ago and it was amazing!

      • I’ll look into that one 🙂 I did Buck Mountain last fall and it was wonderful. You could almost see the entire lake. I loved it!

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