Froyo Solves Everything

Ah, finally Friday. Lets rewind.

Last night I went to Alive @ Five in downtown Albany to see a free Boyz II Men concert!

It was pretty fun, but sooo crowded! It definitely brought back some memories from the 90s! My friend Ken was SO excited to see Boyz II Men! We had fun singing along with “Water Runs Dry”, my favorite!

My sister also came too!

I had packed a dinner yesterday morning specifically for Alive @ Five, since I knew they would have zero healthy food choices there! I made a simple PBJ…perfect for on the go and I munched on that before Boyz II Men came on! I didn’t take any pictures of it though…since I’m pretty sure you all know what a PBJ looks like. 😉 I also brought a plum and a luna bar!

But anyway, my favorite part of the concert were the ROSES!

It was fun. Courtney also had a nice re-cap of the concert!

I didn’t get home last night until about 8:30. I relaxed for a bit and then decided to do some more Yoga Meltdown. I felt really great after that!

Now, back to today.

This morning for breakfast I had some Kashi H2H with some Almond Breeze and a sliced banana.

It was pretty filling, since I started to drink a few glasses of water in the morning when I get up. It helps!

Morning snack was peach Chobani! How I’ve missed it!

On my lunch break today I had planned on doing a 4 mile run. That didn’t happen! 😦 I went to get changed and I realized I forgot my sportsbra. The most important thing!! I was so angry at myself!!! I decided to go for a walk up to the Empire State Plaza Farmer’s Market instead! I got myself a pint of strawberries! I’ve been dying to buy local strawberries this season and I finally got my hands on some!

So juicy and delicious! I love strawberries. They are my favorite fruit.

I also got a bunch of arugula for $1.50!

Since I was still mad at myself about the run, and I was hungry, I got a vanilla bean frozen yogurt at the FroYo stand! 🙂 It was delicious! But I totally forgot to take a picture of it until after I devoured it.  Let’s pretend it looked like this, but topped with crushed Reeses Pieces. After eating this I felt better. Froyo solves everything.

I suppose I can just run later tonight.

I came back from the Farmer’s Market and made my real lunch, a Morning Star Farms chick’n patty with reduced fat American cheese on a sandwich thin. I also threw on some fresh arugula.

A pretty decent lunch if I do say so myself. Okay, I’m off! Happy Friday!



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3 responses to “Froyo Solves Everything

  1. Awwww YUM! Froyo DOES solve everything! 🙂
    Looks like you definitely planned ahead with a much healthier dinner selection than I did! haha

  2. Amanda

    Where is there a FroYo stand??!! 🙂

    • Jen

      right outside the captial and legislative office building on state street! he’s there during lunch on weekdays and has a different flavor every day. i looooove it. 😀

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