Tuesday Eats

Hola! Its time for today’s food post! I’m going to try to make it short and sweet!

This morning for breakfast I decided to get a little creative! I microwaved a scrambled egg and put it in a high fiber 80 calorie tortilla with a sprinkle of shredded cheese and some peach mango salsa to make a delicious breakfast wrap. It was so good!

It was quick and easy, just how I like it!

Lunch wasn’t too interesting…I actually forgot to take pictures. Although I did have a Brown Cow yogurt for morning snack.

The more I think about it, the more I actually like Chobani the best. Brown Cow is really good, but I think Chobani is thicker and more creamy.

Anyway, lunch was a Morning Star Farms chick’n patty with reduced fat american cheese on a sandwich thin with some grapes, a nectarine, and a Nature Valley Oats & Chocolate granola bar! I think this flavor might be my new favorite. The taste reminded me of chocolate Teddy Grahams for some reason! Yummy.

After work, Chris and I went for an easy 3.25 mile run around the park. It was nice. I thought it was going to start storming, but the sprinkles died off and the sun came out for a little while! I didn’t wear my Garmin because I thought it might start to pour any minute, but my guess is that it took us around 30 minutes.

After my run I went home for dinner and made pasta! I’ve been craving pasta for a while!

This is the kind we had in the house. It was pretty good. I’m not sure if I like the taste of wheat pasta better or not!

I topped my pasta with the roasted veggie bruchetta that I got at the Local Food Festival on Sunday. This bruchetta is delicious! The ingredients: Eggplant, yellow squash, and zucchini. My favorites! 😀

I also had a small salad with hummus.

The pasta and salad were very satisfying, as I was starving when I got home! It really hit the spot.

Dessert was the best ice cream ever!

Edy’s 1/2 fat light s’mores ice cream. I love Edy’s. They have the best light ice cream. It doesn’t even taste light to me! I love the s’mores because there are little marshmallows and pieces of graham crackers in it. Sooo good. 😀

Anyway, that’s it for today’s eats. I have a six mile run planned for tomorrow evening. I just have to decide where I want to run. We’ll see!



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3 responses to “Tuesday Eats

  1. Sarah

    Try Edy’s Take the Cake flavor. It is soooo good! It’s also a slow churned and does not taste like a lighter ice cream.

    • Jen

      Is it like Birthday Cake? Ahhh. I love that kind of ice cream! my favorite is the Girl Scouts Samoa Light but it’s only out for a limited time! Must wait til next year… 😦

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