Salute the Sky with the Breathing Room

This morning I took my very first yoga class! And it was incredible.

My friend and co-worker, Sarah, and I headed bright and early to Indian Ladder Farms, where the class was going to be held. It was outside in one of their fields, with a view of the Heldeberg Escarpment. Indian Ladder is a place I’ve been going to since I was a young kid, when my grandparents would take my sister and I there for apples and nature hikes. 🙂 I have a connection with this place.

Our yoga class started at 9am and we walked a short ways up a small hill in the back next where some of animals live. It was a gorgeous view! I couldn’t believe I was doing yoga in such a natural and calm environment. It was so relaxing and I got very in touch with the Earth and nature. I loved it!

There were only a couple other people in the class, which was led by Kristin and Mikko from The Breathing Room. I would highly recommend The Breathing Room if anyone is looking a place to take Yoga classes. They are located in Delmar but had this special “Salute the Sky” class for those wanting to be outside and connect with nature. And Indian Ladder Farms was the perfect venue for that!

The yoga wasn’t too hard either, and I would call myself inexperienced, since I’ve only done it along with my DVR. 😉 It was good for all levels. We did a lot of sun salutations.

We did about an hour and a half of yoga, and then headed back down for brunch at the Yellow Rock Cafe.

Since a meal was included with the price of our yoga class, we got to order from the brunch menu.

I started with a cup of tea.

For my meal I got “Donato’s Wrap”, which was “Scrambled eggs topped with your choice of cheese, stuffed inside our herb wrap, then grilled and served with our own apple salsa and sour cream on the side.” It was pretty tasty, I must say! The apple salsa was delicious, so I didn’t even need to put on the sour cream. Yum.

The watermelon was a plus, but I wish there were more fruit on the side!!

One of the Yoga instructors ordered the Donut Bake. Indian Ladder is famous for their fresh cider donuts. I can imagine how heavenly this must have tasted. I had to get a picture of it!

It was such an amazing morning. I wish I could start every morning doing yoga on a mountain. I loved it. I will definitely be going back to take another Yoga class with The Breathing Room!



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