Wow it’s pretty crappy outside. The weather is pretty reminiscent of the Missing Summer of 2009. I hope the month of May wasn’t too good to be true!

Breakfast this morning was a yummy mixture of Special K Protein and Kashi H2H with some flaxmeal and soy milk. I also had a cup of green tea. I’m trying to figure out what types of breakfast foods will keep me fuller for longer, since lately I’ve been physically hungry on my drive into work and when I get there. I can’t figure out what the deal is! I’ve even tried drinking a glass of water and that doesn’t seem to help. The foods I eat for breakfast contain a good amount of fiber and protein so I don’t know what is causing my hunger. I don’t want eat a breakfast of pancakes or an omelet just to be satisfied! That takes up way too much time in the morning!  Tomorrow I’m going to make an egg-in-a-mug sandwich and see if that helps.

Today was one of those hungry days where I just felt hungry all day! I had a pretty decent sized lunch too.

Some pomegranate Chobani. Here’s a stock photo since I forgot to take a picture.

Some quinoa salad.

A delicious PBJ with maple peanut butter and home-made strawberry jam. I’ve been loving PBJs lately. I also ate my last energy bar! Although it looks like a hunk of cookie dough in the picture.

A side of fresh blueberries.

And an unpictured apple.

Today I also signed up to take a two hour yoga class next weekend! And the bonus: it’s outside on a beautiful farm and you get breakfast included in the price! I’m so excited! I’ve never taken an actual yoga class before.

I’ve also updated my races page with some upcoming races I plan on running this year. My goal is to run at least 10 races in 2010! I think I can do it. I’ve also been thinking about some other goals for this summer and the rest of the year:

  • Do some trail running
  • Go hiking in the Adirondacks
  • Go camping at least once!
  • Take some yoga classes
  • Go to more farmer’s markets and eat local food
  • Try a few new local restaurants
  • Be more creative in the kitchen
  • Cut back on eating sweets (like chocolate!)
  • Travel and take at least 1 mini vacation this summer

Today after work Marcie and I were supposed to go running together on some trails, but since the weather sucks, we went to my gym for a quick workout. I ran 3.1 miles in 29:32. I did some intervals while I was running just to get in more of a workout. It worked! I was tired by the end.

After the gym I headed home for some dinner. I made a quick spinach and arugula salad with carrots, beans and goat cheese. It was pretty tasty. I also had some more quinoa salad, since I have so much of it. I also had some pineapple and a few pieces of dark chocolate for dessert. (UH…I need to follow my own goals and limit my chocolate consumption.)

Now I’m pretty tired, so I think I’m going to relax and read. Have a nice night!


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