Happy National Running Day!

Today was gorgeous day! I love it! Too bad I was stuck inside at work all day. 😦 AND today is National Running Day! Woohoo!

According to my training plan I was supposed to run an easy three miles yesterday, but I increased it to five on the treadmill at the gym. I ran an easy five miles at an average of 10:42 minute pace. It took me about 52 minutes. It was actually pretty nice! I like taking a break from the roads once in a while, as the treadmill seems easier on my legs. I felt really great after the run too, and I hadn’t planned on running five. 🙂

Today is a rest day, as I have another run tomorrow, I will probably do another five but work some speedwork into it. I might go back to the gym again depending on the weather.

This morning I had a chocolate cherry bomb for breakfast with some Special K Protein cereal. I’m looking for ways for breakfast to fill me up, because usually when I get to work I’m hungry again! I don’t know why because I eat a lot of protein in my breakfasts. I think I just make sure I drink a glass of water every morning so it keeps me more full for longer.

Morning snack was some pineapple Chobani! Yum! I used to eat strickly low calorie yogurt (like Activia Light or Yoplait) but I’m trying to wean myself off of artificially sweetened yogurt. I know Chobani has a bit more calories (130-160 depending on the flavor), but it’s sooo delicious and I love Greek yogurt and it actually keeps me satisfied. It is also a bigger serving than Activia.  I found the other yogurts were too watery and not very satisfying.

Lunch included leftover cranberry walnut quinoa salad, and a PBJ on a whole wheat bagel thin! I used maple peanut butter and home made strawberry blueberry jam. Kind of random, I know.

Also, I had a side of grapes and a Nature Valley apple crisp bar. I think the apple is my new favorite flavor of this bar! It was tasty. I wanted to save it for later in the day but my hunger won, so I ate it.

I did some grocery shopping on the way home and got a few things for this weekend. But for dinner tonight I used some of my leftover tempeh and heated it up in a pan with some salad spice. I put it in a pita with some goat cheese spread, spinach and roasted red pepper. And some more quinoa salad of course! 🙂

The tempeh was a bit…dry. I don’t know how I feel about tempeh yet. I have 1/3 of a block left, so next time I’m going to use it in a stir fry. We’ll see how that goes. But for dessert I had one and a half of an energy bar that I made the other day. They are like crack. Its hard to stop eating them. Bah.

I wasn’t in the mood to bike tonight for some reason, so I just did about 20 minutes of yoga, which felt really good! I’m beginning to like yoga more and more! I just wish the programs were a big longer! They are only 30 minutes but without commercials it probably comes to about 20 minutes of actual yoga.

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9 responses to “Happy National Running Day!

  1. Sarah

    I found a place that you might enjoy running. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been there. It’s The Crossings in Colonie. James and I went walking there today and it’s all paved paths in and out of the woods.

    • Jen

      Keri told me about it there! I want to try it. I also want to run on the five rivers trails, but I’m skeeved out about running on trails by myself..I need to find someone who will run with me! 🙂

    • I love the Crossings! It’s really beautiful up there, and I think there’s a good mix of flat space with a few hills worked in. It’s also great for rollerskating! 😀

  2. re: artificially sweetened yogurt. Or artificially sweetened anything, I guess. I haven’t looked into the negative side effects (I assume that’s why you’re starting to cut it out). I swore by it while I was steadily losing weight, but now that I am maintaining, I feel like I should also consider some of my diet habits. What are your actual thoughts on artificial sweeteners?

    • Jen

      I swore by them too! I put splenda in my tea EVERY day for a long time and drank the diet tea like all summer! Its in almost everything that is labeled “diet” or “sugar free”, ugh!

      My thoughts on it…well, right now I’m trying to cut out the processed stuff, and most diet food is extremely processed, including artificial sugar! I still won’t put real sugar in it, so if I NEED sweetner, I’ll still use splenda instead, but I don’t like doing it. I want to try truvia but I probably won’t buy it until I’m all out of splenda because its kind of expensive.

      I also would rather use honey as a natural sweetner in my tea, but it also adds calories, so I’m trying to decide which is worse: calories that are natural or a calorie free sweetner that is not.

      • Sarah

        Truvia is really good and so is Agave. I bought my mom sticks of Agave to put in her tea.

      • Ah, lucky for me, I never started putting sugar in my coffee or tea, so it’s not like I miss it. I loveee the taste of bitterness.

  3. Mardi

    I get fat-free plain yogurt, usually Hannaford brand, and drain it, so that it’s not so watery. I used to flavor it sometimes with sugar free jello mix, when I got bored with plain. I’ve also mixed some instant coffee powder in, but that was back when I still had instant coffee, before I became a coffee geek.
    I like the Crossings, too, when it’s not too crowded.

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