Lunch and other random things

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all are having a great day. I’m still mourning over the loss of all my blog posts, but we all must move on I suppose!  Yesterday afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment, so before that I went up to LL Bean to see if I could return my hiking boots that were giving me major blisters on the back of my heel each time I hiked in them. Thankfully, LL Bean has a 100% guarantee and they let me exchange them for these! I wanted the low-cut pair since they were more comfortable on my feet than the hi-cut model. And I got them in 8 1/2 wide, so they fit my feet better, so hopefully they won’t slip when I’m hiking up a mountain.  I guess I won’t know until I’m actually hiking up a mountain. 🙂

I also had a gift card with some money left over on it and I got a new pair of Smartwool hiking socks. $15 for socks is expensive, so I’m glad I had a gift card, I would probably never buy them otherwise!

So last night  I went to the gym to go for a run, since it was crappy weather outside. I ran 5 miles in about 45 minutes, give or take a couple of minutes. For some reason on the treadmill I never pay attention to my time!  When I’m running outside I feel like I’m running slower than on the treadmill, but in reality I’m running faster. Weird.

This morning for breakfast I had some oatmeal and a chocolate whey protein shake! I’m trying to cut back on eating oatmeal every day, since I think the nut butter and other toppings are adding additional calories where I should be cutting them out. I’ve noticed since I’ve started eating it every day my weight has gone up a couple of pounds. But maybe it’s a combination of running more and getting hungrier? I have no idea.  I think I will limit my delicious oats to about 2-3 times a week. On the other days I’m going to stick with my Special K Protein cereal and soy milk.

In my oatmeal

  • 1/2 cup of old-fashioned oats
  • 1 mashed banana
  • 1 tablespoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter.  Yum.

I always use water to make my oats, not soymilk. Although it may be tastier with milk, water cuts out unnecessary calories, and it still tastes good to me! 🙂

For my morning snack I had some non-fat vanilla yogurt and strawberries in a mug.

For lunch I tried my new organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup from Sunflower Natrual Foods in Woodstock. I also put in some crushed Special K crackers. This soup was DELICIOUS. I seriously have to look for this soup at my grocery store becauase I want to buy it again. It was so creamy! AND only 110 calories for 1 cup of soup! I ate 1 cup and saved the rest. 😀

After eating my lunch, I headed upstairs to pick up my bib for tomorrow’s workforce challenge. I’m super excited about the race. I heard it is going to be really crowded. And HOT. The forecast for tomorrow is 82 degrees.

I might head to the gym later tonight to do some weight training/biking, but I’m not sure. We’ll see how I’m feeling after work! I also plan on doing some yoga. I’m not going to run tonight since I’m saving myself for tomorrow’s race.



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11 responses to “Lunch and other random things

  1. Sarah

    Check the organic section of Hannaford for the soup. I’ve also seen some organic soups at Wal-Mart, believe it or not. I’ve only noticed them at the Washington Ave Ext Wal-Mart though.

    • Jen

      I was thinking Hannaford too! I’ll have to check. And Walmart has been surprising lately. I found my dark chocolate dreams peanut butter there for like $2 and something. Its like $5 at Hannaford!

      • Sarah

        I don’t know if you ever go to the Washington Ave Ext. Wal-Mart, but they have an awesome (although small) Organic/Natural section.

        You’ll also have to let me know how that hiking shoes work out, I was looking at the same pair.

      • Jen

        I go there on ocassion, but I will probably go there more often now that you mention that.

        Have you ever been to the troy farmer’s market? I’m thinking about going soon. we should go together!

  2. Sarah

    I haven’t been but I’ve always wanted to go. I’ll go with you sometime.

    The small Organic/Natural section is at the bottom of the escalator. I’ve found some cool stuff there.

    • Jen

      What are you doing this saturday? haha. Want to go?

      • Sarah

        This Saturday James and I are bouncing all over the place so I can’t do it. Let’s plan it for next week and I’ll make sure I can go.

      • Jen

        Ok next weekend might work. If I can’t do saturday morning we can always try the Schenectady Green Market, thats open on Sunday mornings! I’ve never been to that one.

    • Jen

      OK I just did a search for the soup. It looks like both PC’s in Glenmont and Slingerlands have the brand as well as Hannaford in Delmar. Nice! No Walmarts on there though…

      • pathtosucceed

        Well at least you found it somewhere! I started a weight loss blog a while ago but didn’t like the site, so your blog inspired me to get back to blogging too! So feel free to check it out 🙂

      • Jen

        YES! I was actually going to demand that you start a blog too. Haha!!! I’m so glad!! I will pimp your blog in my next post!!! 🙂

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