Sunshine Run

Well, I figured I might as well start writing up blog posts since everything I lost on my old blog is gone, except the pages. So I’m going to write about my run today. I got a new pair of running shoes on Saturday from Fleet Feet and today I ran in them for the first time. They are New Balance WR760s.

My feet adjusted to them pretty well during my run and I had no pain. I even taped up my blisters from my hike yesterday and they were fine! I ran just about four miles in 38 minutes. There were SO many other runners out on the trail today. It was so nice out. They all must be getting ready for the 2010 CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge. The weather is supposed to be nice for Thursday. The forecast says 78 and sunny. 😀

Hopefully I will do something exciting within the next couple days so I will be able to blog about it with pictures, but right now this is the only post I’ve got! You might just have to wait til Thursday!


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