Sunday Adventures in Woodstock – Take 2

Ok, so, since I lost every post I’ve made, I feel like I should at least try to make up some. I feel like my last post about my trip to Woodstock was great and I want to try to write it up again for those who might have missed out. So here’s the shortened version, with pictures!

Sunday my sister, and my friend Brendan and I decided to go hiking in Woodstock, NY for the day! Before our hike we stopped at a natural foods store in the village called Sunflower Natural Foods. It was so cute! It reminded me of the HWFC in Albany, but more hippyish!

I got some dark chocolate with Sea Salt. It was yummy.

We began our hike here at the bottom of Overlook Mountain.

About a half hour into the hike, my heels started to hurt and I could feel blisters coming on.  This has happened to me before in my current hiking boots.  So Brendan and I switched socks and I put on a blister pad and on we went.

About a half a mile from the top there were ruins of an old hotel, which were really creepy! It looked like something out of Ghost Hunters!

The view was spectacular from the firetower!

Overall, it was about 4 miles total! It was really fun. And a good workout!

After hiking we were starving, so we headed to this place called The Red Onion in Woodstock.

I got a glass of Sangria to drink! I deserved it after hiking 2 miles up a mountain. 😀

Because I was starving, and salad just wouldn’t cut it, I ordered the  half portion of Seafood Risotto! It was delicious. The seafood included Mexican White Shrimp, Diver Scallops, Calamari and Mussels with Fresh Herbs.

For dessert, Brendan and I split some chocolate mousse cake with raspberry ice cream, which was to die for!!

The Red Onion was pretty expensive, but it was quaint little restaurant. The food was really good! And we got to sit outside on the front porch!

A very fun day indeed. And that is the shortened version of my Sunday in Woodstock. 🙂


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