Pizza, Banana Bread Failure & Other Random Things

Happy Friday!! Can’t wait for the weekend, even though the weather is supposed to be crappy. Oh well, what can you do? Last night I had the best homemade pizza. My mom’s! I came home from work, starving, to this:
White pizza with broccoli, spinach and ricotta. Yum. The mozzarella and ricotta were both made with skim milk, but the crust wasn’t whole wheat. I got over that, fast! It was so good, and I was so hungry, I had four pieces.

After dinner I had planned on baking banana bread for dessert. I loved how it came out last time and had been craving it ever since.  I had the whole batch made and my mom found some sugar in an unlabeled container. So, I had the batter all ready in the bread pan, and licked my finger to taste it, and it tasted extremely salty…I thought I had gotten salt on my finger. So I tried, the batter again, and it tasted like SALT! Needless to say, my mom gave me SALT instead of SUGAR, in the unlabeled container. I had put 1/3 cup of salt in, instead of the sugar it called for. I had to throw the whole thing out! AND we were out of sugar, so I couldn’t even make another batch! It was SO depressing. All of my ingredients, down the drain! Oh well, what can you do?  Kitchen disasters happen. Major banana bread FAIL!

Anyway, Wednesday I had a 6 mile run outside planned with my friend Sue. I drove her house after work and went for a run around her neighborhood. The 6 miles did not get any easier than last time. In fact, it felt harder! We did the route backwards, which felt better at first, but by miles 4 and 5 my legs were so tired. There was a monster hill at what I’m guessing was around mile 5 but it was downhill this time! And the view at the top made it worth it. We could see to the mountains across the river. Gorgeous! And the weather was perfect running weather. I love running with Sue because she’s faster than me, so it forces me to keep pace with her.

So, I’ve been itching to run another race, since I haven’t ran one since the Troy Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving 2009, so I googled some upcoming races in Albany. I found some, along with some other cool fitness related events. So I made a wishlist of sorts of things I want to do this spring/summer:
April 24-45Adirondack Sports & Fitness Expo
May 23SPAC Rock & Run 5K Race
June 5Freihofer’s Run for Women (Already registered!)
September 18Warrior Dash of the Northeast (this is a month before a half-marathon I’m hoping to train for, and this dash looks CRAZY, so I’m not sure if I want to do it just yet! It looks SO fun though.
October 10Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon (OK, as of TODAY, I have never run more than 6 miles at once. The prospect of running a half marathon is daunting. I want to try to start training for it, so I know by July that I can do it. I think this is the biggest goal I have set for myself so far, which INCLUDING losing weight.)

I’ll update the blog on the status of these events as time goes by!


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