Sweet Potatoes and Banana Froyo

Good evening everyone!! I just made a pretty awesome dinner and it was quite filling, actually. When I got home my mom was boiling sweet potatoes on the stove, so that gave me an idea to re-create the amazing sandwich I had in NYC! I put some sweet potatoes on whole wheat toast with some crumbled goat cheese spread on the bread, and grilled it in a pan to crisp it up. Not too shabby. I also drizzled some honey on the sandwich to make it even sweeter. It was pretty tasty. I also put some extra sweet potatoes on the side, and had some corn after. I’ll admit, my sandwich wasn’t as good as Pecan’s, but it was still rather tasty. I ate half the sandwich before I took the picture. 🙂
For dessert I tried out my new food processor, and used a recipe that came in the booklet with it, for Banana Frozen Yogurt. This morning I sliced up a banana and stuck it in the freezer, so it would be ready when I got home from work. I put the banana in the FP and mixed it on high until the banana was crumbly, and then added 1/2 cup of fat free vanilla yogurt. It quickly came to an ice-cream like consistency. Amazingggg! I love my new FP!!! SUCH a handy kitchen tool, I swear. How did I live so long without one? The froyo was SO good…I will definitely be making this all summer.

froyo in food processor

froyo in a pretty dish, with crappy lighting

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