Oats for Dinner!

I was definitely in need of a good workout this morning, as yesterday I didn’t eat too healthy!! (Pizza from Smitty’s Tavern, and a mango margarita and bbq tofu taco from bombers, and some chocolate cake from Crisan…as well as wine on Friday night… :-D)
But today I definitely did better! I had some cereal for breakfast (I usually eat Special K Protein Plus, with some toasted wheat germ and soy milk) and then headed to the gym to do some running. I consider Sundays my long run days. I know I need to make up for bad weekend eating and try to stick to healthy eating on Sundays. Anyway, I ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill, with an average pace of 10:30. Not too bad!

After the gym, I headed to Hannaford for some grocery shopping. I was in need of food, bad! So when I got home I made a protein smoothie for lunch, along with a Morning Star Farms chickn patty. Yum!

Here’s what I put in my protein smoothie:

  • 1/2 cup of light plain soymilk
  • a handful of frozen strawberries
  • a scoop of chocolate protein powder.

I bought some steel cut oats the other day to try out…I had them in NYC and have been wanting to make my own, while I was doing dishes I boiled water on the stove to cook the oats. I made about a cup, so I have some left over for breakfast this week. They were delicious! I had 2/3 cup of oats, about a teaspoon of almond butter, and a teaspoon of sweet cherry butter! I found the cherry butter at Hannaford today and I wanted to try it since it looked amazing, and let me tell you, it was! So tasty with the oats! I also put a sprinkle of granola on top for some crunch. Yummy dinner! One of the things I like about Hannaford is their selection of natural/organic foods. They also sell local foods! The cherry butter comes from a place in New York! Awesome.


catskill cherry butter!

tasty oats for dinner!


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