Goat Cheese Pizza and Vino Verde

So, I promised I would write about my adventures in pizza making this weekend. Chris and I made spinach, caramelized onion and goat cheese pizza with whole wheat crust on Friday night! We cooked the onions, then thew in the spinach for a bit while I rolled out the dough. First, I spread some Cabernet marinara sauce down, and then heaped on a thick layer of spinach and onions, put some low moisture part skim mozzarella on top of that, then added more spinach and onions, and then crumbled goat cheese! It looked DELICIOUS. I was kind of worried that it might take a long time to cook, but it didn’t! only about 25 minutes at 400 degrees. The crust crisped up nicely and the goat cheese got a little brown…it DEFINITELY added a great taste…not too over powering, but still soooo good. I LOVE goat cheese.


While we were waiting for the onions to caramelize and the dough to rise, we snacked on Kashi Party Crackers, Monetary Jack Cheese, and Turkey Pepperoni. Yum! Also, we were drinking some Vino Verde. I LOVE THIS WINE! Its so light and delicious. I love it. We polished off the bottle! Overall, a tasty dinner.


Well, I am off to New York City for the next couple of days…I’m sure I will run into some delicious food…can’t wait!


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