Mac and Cheese Overload

I started today off great with a delicious breakfast cookie!!! I was surprised at how good this was, with so few ingredients. Yummy. I got inspired by this post on Runner’s Kitchen. I’m so glad I tried it too. I also made a smoothie to go with it…a handful of frozen strawberries, a scoop of chocolate protein powder and about ¾ cup of light soymilk. It tasted like chocolate covered strawberries. A perfect breakfast!


So this past week was pretty boring with food…I didn’t go out any place special, except for Monday night. I got sushi at Shogun in Delmar. I used to LOVE sushi, but lately my taste for it has kind of diminished. I got the “healthy roll”, with shrimp, carrots, cucumber and avocado. No rice to be found! But it was wrapped in rice paper, I believe. A bit too chewy for my liking, so I just ate three pieces. For an appetizer I got the tofu salad with ginger dressing. I LOVED the dressing, it was so tasty. But the tofu itself was too mushy and bland. I probably wouldn’t order that again. Dessert was the best part. I skipped the cheesecake, so I ordered the peach sorbet, which was fantastic. The presentation of their sorbet is amazing. The sorbet itself was inside a frozen peach, which can be eaten. It was sooo delicious. My favorite dessert there so far…not including the green tea cheesecake!

So this past weekend was pretty laden with delicious FOOD!  Chris and I went to the Mac & Cheese Bowl 2010 on Saturday. And can I say…I haven’t had REAL mac and cheese in a LONG time, pretty much since I started eating healthy. And I definitely got my fill of it. Fifteen different restaurants competed and some had two types of mac and cheese. The cups were so small at first we were thinking we wouldn’t have enough to eat, but we were surprised. We tried all but three places because we were SO FULL from eating so much mac and cheese. And it was so crowded we had to take breaks outside and get water…the pasta  made me so thirsty! I stayed away from the mac with meat in it (I gave my cups to Chris and I ate his seafood ones) It was SO fun though..My favorite was either the lobster mac and cheese from the Prime or the lobster and shrimp mac and cheese from the Pump Station. (The Pump Station won the contest!)

So basically I didn’t get hungry again on Saturday until about 8:00 at night, when I met my cousin at the Wine Bar & Bistro on Lark. I ordered the antipasto, a cold dish, which wasn’t that filling, although rather healthy! I felt good about that, but since I wasn’t too satisfied, I ordered the Kahlua Chocolate Cheesecake, which I believe comes from Cheesecake Machismo. That was superb!! No more cheesecake for a while!! I also ordered a glass of my FAVORITE wine, the Dragonstone Riesling. I love it. So much. Sadly, no photos from the wine bar.

Sunday I decided to go to the gym to work off some mac and cheese, so I went in thinking, “Today is the day I will run five miles,” and guess what? It happened! I felt so good after that.

During the week I was craving pancakes, so I made oatmeal blueberry pancakes from scratch. They came out a bit too mushy for me…but still tasty. I think I just needed to cook them a bit longer, but I was so hungry I didn’t wait. Instead of syrup I topped them with my aunt’s homemade blueberry sauce, and it was delicious.


Tonight I am going to make goat cheese pizza, so I will post about that later on to let you know how it goes!


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