Co-Op, Justins, and First GM

Ah, the weekend of somewhat unhealthy eating. I usually try extremely hard to make good decisions while eating out during the weekend, but it can be tough sometimes. Saturday I went to the Honest Weight Food Co Op for the first time. Its located on Central Avenue in Albany. It was a little bit intimidating at first, because I had no clue where anything was, but after a while I got used to it. I had my little list and found mostly everything I was looking for!

  • Smooth Roasted Almond Butter
  • Toasted Wheat Germ
  • Whole Grain/Quinoa Blend
  • Good Earth Pomegranate Superfruit Tea (I had a coupon!)
  • Unsweetened Honest Tea “Just Green Tea”
  • Falafel Spinach Salad (from Al Baraki)

I would definitely like to go back for a second try…although the prices are kind of expensive if you don’t buy in bulk, I’d still like to back there to find some specialty items that I can’t find in normal grocery stores.

After the co-op I went to Justin’s on Lark with Chris and Liz for a late lunch. I got the Brie & Apple Sandwich, which was HEAVENLY. I swear, the apple butter they use tasted just like an apple pie. I love it so much. They serve so much food there! For a side I got pasta salad and FRIES, which I didn’t know would be extra; otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten them. Oh well.

So Saturday night I went to the gym on my way home from Albany, and ran 2.0 miles, mostly because I was already tired, but felt I needed to get some kind of a workout in. After the gym, I went home and made my first Green Monster. I was actually pretty surprised at how good it tasted! I was wary about the spinach, but you can’t actually taste it. I tasted mostly banana, which was yummy. I threw in a couple strawberries as well. I’ve had about 3 more since then, including one for breakfast this morning, in which I added some almond butter! A pretty good way to start the day I think!

Sunday I ran another 2.0 miles on the treadmill, and took Monday off. Today during my lunch hour I ran outside since the weather is pretty nice! Probably for about 2.5-3.0 miles, for about 30 minutes. I love running at lunch time, because when I get home I can relax instead of worrying about fitting in my workout or driving to the gym.


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