Pizza and Wine

So, tonight I was in the mood for some pizza, but not the UNHEALTHY kind, so I made up a couple of pita pizzas for dinner. I remember this idea from when my mom was on Weight Watchers years ago, and she used to make mini pizzas with pita bread for the crust. I started doing the same thing when I began eating healthier. I use Joseph’s Whole Wheat & Flax Pitas for the crust, plain pizza sauce, and low-moisture part skim mozzarella cheese. I topped them with some red pepper and sundried tomato. So yummy! Defintely helped my pizza craving!


To go with my pizza, I had to have some red wine, of course. This is a bottle of Shiraz from when Chris amd I made some real homemade pizza a couple of weeks ago. I think Shiraz goes great with pizza.


For dessert, I had to have my Edy’s 1/2 the fat light Samoa Ice Cream. My favorite. AND just because, I put an actual Samoa girl scout cookie at the bottom. It was SO good! They are definitely favorite cookie! I just say that it was my reward for doing so well with exercise this week.

Yesterday I went to kickboxing during my lunch hour, which I love!! And then last night I ran 3.1 miles in under 30 minutes, on the treadmill. This was a first for me! My fastest 5K time so far. I was really happy about that. And then I ran again today on my lunch hour for about 30 minutes, which I think comes about to be about 3 miles on the corning preserve trail. Now my legs are fatigued, but I feel great. A little sore and tired, but I’m happy with my workouts.


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