A Lovely Saturday

The weather this weekend has been pretty nice, so I decided to take advantage of it! Saturday morning Chris and I went to the Troy Farmer’s Market to see what it was all about. During the winter it is inside the Atrium, but in the summer it is outside by the river, and I can’t wait to go to that. But it was pretty cool despite being inside. They had some decent vendors — lot of meats and cheeses. I was looking for goat cheese but didn’t find any…next time I will ask. Chris amd I each got two bottles of wine from the Cascade Mountain Winery (New York wine! yay!) I got the Summertide (fruity white wine made with Seyval Blanc) and Harvest Rose. Both wines are pretty sweet and fruity…just what I like in wine! I can’t wait to open a bottle. I didn’t get any other food…since I had just stocked up the other day, but Chris got buffalo jerky and some natural peanut butter (tasty). I wish I could have gotten some pies/breads/baked goods, but they would have done no good for my calorie counting!  Maybe I’ll get some jam or apples next time.

After the market, we walked to Brown’s for brunch. It was DELICIOUS! I got a scrambled egg wrap with guacamole and cheese…served with a side of home fries. It was sooo good! It even came with a small cup of granola, which was good as well. I wish the home fries weren’t so fried though, so I probably shouldn’t have eaten them all. I think brunch may be my favorite meal, so I didn’t feel that bad about eating it. I also tried Brown’s Raspberry Lambic, which was tasty.  I had such a lovely day in Troy yesterday!

So on the way home I stopped to get some supplies to make some chocolate chip banana bread. Chris gave me some ripe bananas to use, so I stopped and got the rest of the things I needed. The recipe called for plain yogurt, and they didn’t have a small enough amount of it, so I got fat free banana yogurt instead, which turned out to work awesome! the bread was delicious! Here is the recipe. I also couldn’t find any wheat bran, I just used all purpose flour instead. I didn’t put any walnuts in either. Still delicious. I gave some away to Brendan and I’m freezing the rest of it to give to Chris.

I had the same idea for breakfast today, but I was in the mood for pancakes, so I just used some complete pancake mix, 1 mashed up banana, ground flax, and a handful of chocolate chips. They stuck to the pan, (I have no idea why, because I sprayed it), and came out pretty dark, but not quite burnt. Still tasty, even though they looked funky. I had three pancakes. And then I went to the gym and ran 4.1 miles!  So after working out and having a light salad with kidney beans, apple, crasins, and carrots, I feel pretty good about myself today.


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